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Self Adhesive Vinyl

Item Code DG5100G
Film Monomeric Calender PVC
Film Thickness 100 micron
Adhesive Clear Permanent
Liner 140g One Side PE Coated Release Paper
Product Size 1.06/1.27/1.37/1.52/1.60/1.82/2.02m
Durability 1 Year
Brand Digiflex Perfect Your Vision
Printing Way Eco-solvent/ UV/ Latex
Products Information

Self Adhesive Vinyl

Item CodeFilmAdhesiveLinerPrinting
DG5100G100 micronClear Permanent140GSM release paperEco-solvent/UV/Latex
DG5200G100 micronBlack Permanent140GSM release paperEco-solvent/UV/Latex
DG5300G100 micronGrey Permanent140GSM release paperEco-solvent/UV/Latex
DG5110G100 micronClear Permanent120GSM release paperEco-solvent/UV/Latex
DG5210G100 micronBlack Permanent120GSM release paperEco-solvent/UV/Latex
DG5310G100 micronGrey Permanent120GSM release paperEco-solvent/UV/Latex
DG5120G80 micronClear Removable140GSM release paperEco-solvent/UV/Latex
DG5220G80 micronBlack Removable140GSM release paperEco-solvent/UV/Latex
DG5320G80 micronGrey Removable140GSM release paperEco-solvent/UV/Latex


1. Good quality, shelf life 1 year, durability for outdoor or indoor 1 year;

2. Excellent stability, available for making cutting vinyl immediately after printing, it is allowed to put the vinyl on printer for a long time, vinyl keeps flat when re-start printing again;

3. Good tensile strength and good flexibility, performs better at normal curves surface;

4. Excellent performance for printing and good ink absorption, complete in specifications, premium permanent glue, strong adhesiveness, but less glue residue leaves on base surface when remove.

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